Currently we sell jewelry you can wear at a nice necklace, put on your cell phone, on the collier of your cat or dog, your handbag,…

You only have to send a mail to with your shipping address, the amount of pendants & art-no. + your favorite color.

We mail back all information for the payment and as soon as the donation is on our bank account we ship the order.

You don´t have to pay any packaging or shipping fees – these costs we are paying by ourselves!!

The donations are for 100 % for P:AW v.z.w.!

 Exceptional offer while stocks last. You only get the pendants- no other items on the photos below!

Thank you very much to our sponsor SkiD_Tourservice who provided us the pendants as a gift!


Colors: rose, light blue and white stones; silver plaited

Art-no: P:AW001-chooseyourfavoritecolor

Minimum donation: € 7,50 per piece – no additional costs!!


Paws in rose, pink, light blue, green, terracotta-brown; ribbons different colors, not to choose, sorry…

Art.-no: P:AW002-chooseyourfavoritecolor

Minimum donation: € 5,00 per piece – no additional costs!! 



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